Dog hot spots are hurt places on the dog's skin that had become irritated for some reason or another. These can be very uncomfortable for the dog, and they can actually be quite unsightly if they get bad. To understand a little bit about what causes them and how they are treated, continue reading.

Hot spots are sort of a general term for skin irritation somewhere on a dog's body, which he or she then bit at or scratched until some sort of infection started. Dogs continue have a tendency to lick your tainted areas as well, and this makes it quickly worse as well as matting their fur down.

In terms of what caused the initial irritation, there could have been some sort of physical skin condition, and there are also things like fungi, bacteria, parasites, or even things like viruses. Anything that causes the skin to itch can eventually cause one of these dog hot spots to occur, so it all should be looked at.

Allergies are definitely another culprit that can cause dog hot spots. Just like their human counterparts, dogs suffer from seasonal or environmental allergies, and that initial swelling of the skin that comes from an allergic reaction can quickly become irritating click to the point where a dog licks or scratches at it, and us a hotspot can come from there.

Fleas and ticks are another cause of irritation for dogs that may cause dog hot spots. It doesn't matter how hard you try and clean your home environment, these are things that just naturally occurred in nature, so your dog is susceptible. Shampoos can help but won't be 100% effective all of the time.

One of the symptoms of your dog having dog hot spot is there will be some sort of excessive shedding involved. This may just be around the area where the infection occurs, or it could be throughout random patches all over the dog's body. It all depends on the circumstances. If you are uncertain about that type of symptom, simply call a veterinarian and he or she will tell you.